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Revelation: Extravagant Hope Workbook

$14.99 $22.99


$14.99 $22.99

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The final book of the Bible can be more than a little daunting with its bloody dragons, flying creatures, and mark of the beast. But if you look more closely, you'll discover this is an extravagant message of hope.

Revelation is a survival guide for the suffering, a book of promises for the persecuted, a banner of hope for the beaten down.

I am inviting you to join me for six weeks. Through video teaching, group discussions, and personal study, you’ll discover:

No matter how dark or difficult our world becomes, Christ wins in the end! And YOU are part of His winning strategy.

Friends, it’s time for a fresh revelation, a fresh unveiling of Jesus in all our lives.

Let’s make this journey of extravagant hope together!

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DVD video times:

Sessions include:

  1. Tempted to Give up on God? (24:00)
  2. Have You Lost Perspective? (23:00)
  3. When Life’s Not Fair (24:00)
  4. How to Overcome the Enemy (22:00)
  5. When All Hell Breaks Loose (24:00)
  6. The Promises of Heaven (21:00)
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