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Revelation: Extravagant Hope DVD

$24.99 $29.99


$24.99 $29.99


The final book of the Bible can be more than a little daunting with its bloody dragons, flying creatures, and mark of the beast. But if you look more closely, you'll discover this is an extravagant message of hope.

Revelation is a survival guide for the suffering, a book of promises for the persecuted, a banner of hope for the beaten down.

I am inviting you to join me for six weeks. Through video teaching, group discussions, and personal study, you’ll discover:

No matter how dark or difficult our world becomes, Christ wins in the end! And YOU are part of His winning strategy.

Friends, it’s time for a fresh revelation, a fresh unveiling of Jesus in all our lives.

Let’s make this journey of extravagant hope together!

To enjoy through ZOOM or online, the DVD comes with Free Streaming. Simply share your screen with members of your group to view together, or share your login with group members to watch before the Zoom call!

Sessions include:

  1. Tempted to Give up on God? (24:00)
  2. Have You Lost Perspective? (23:00)
  3. When Life’s Not Fair (24:00)
  4. How to Overcome the Enemy (22:00)
  5. When All Hell Breaks Loose (24:00)
  6. The Promises of Heaven (21:00)

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