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Scouting the Divine Instant Audiobook Download

$10.99 $19.99

$10.99 $19.99

A woman living a modern life. A Bible full of ancient truths.

Join critically acclaimed author Margaret Feinberg as she invites readers on the spiritual adventure of a lifetime. In her quest to better understand what God wants to communicate through the Bible, Feinberg explores symbols and metaphors within Bible stories. To discover these deeper meanings, she spends time with a shepherdess in Oregon, walks the fields with a farmer in Nebraska, explores a vineyard in California, and talks with a veteran beekeeper in Colorado. Along the way, she gains deeper insight about how Scripture applies to life today and discovers answers to puzzling questions. Do sheep really know their shepherd's voice? How often does a grapevine need to be pruned? What does a land overflowing with honey mean?

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  • on 5 MP3s
  • Unabridged
  • Released October 2009
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