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James: What You Do Matters DVD

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$24.99 $29.99


If you take the Sermon on the Mount and overlay it with the book of James, you’ll find oodles of connection. Penned by the half-brother of Jesus, James sounds more like Jesus than any other New Testament writer. The short letter is packed with doable and down-to-earth teaching, golden treasures of wisdom, and a timely call for believers everywhere to grow into maturity.

Join beloved Bible teacher, Margaret Feinberg, in a rich, fresh study of James that will uncover the genuine markers of real faith, equip you to break free from old patterns by developing new practices, and discover how the Father of heavenly lights treasures you.   


1. How You Respond to Hardship Matters (21:00)

2. Your Response to God’s Word Matters (19:00)

3. How You See Others Matters (24:30)

4. What You Say Matters (23:00)

5. How You Live Matters (18:00)

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