Scouting the Divine 6-Session DVD Bible Study Kit

Discover the spiritual adventure of a lifetime in this critically acclaimed 6-session DVD Bible study, that unlocks the deeper meaning of Scripture. Through Scouting the Divine: My Search for God in Wine, Wool, and Wild Honey, Margaret spent a year visiting shepherds, farmers, vintners, and beekeepers in order to better understand the a land flowing with honey, the meaning of abiding in the vine and much more. The workbook provides one-hour of homework each week and the book provides additional rich insights into the agrarian world of the Bible.

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The Bible is full of clever plots and compelling stories, laced with historic insights and literary beauty. Despite its richness and depth, many of us struggle to close the gap between the ancient world and our own.

Maybe you’ve asked these questions, too: What does it mean to know that Jesus is the Good Shepherd when the only place you’ve encountered sheep is at a petting zoo? How can you understand the promise of a land flowing with honey when you buy yours in a bear-shaped bottle? Can you grasp the urgency of Jesus’ invitation to abide in the vine when you shop for grapes at a local grocery store?

Join me on the spiritual adventure of a lifetime in this 6-session DVD Bible study. As we walk though fields and farms on the DVD and work through an hour of homework each week, we’ll explore how ancient livelihoods illuminate meaningful Christian truths that apply to life today. Follow along as we spend time with a grape-grower, shepherdess, beekeeper, and farmer who each bring fresh insights to familiar Scripture and leave you in awe of God’s Word.

For an added bonus, pick up the Scouting the Divine Book and Workbook Combination Special to dive even deeper into the agrarian world of the Bible.

View the video trailer for the Scouting the Divine Bible Study filmed in fields and on farms:

Session 1: Encountering God as the Good Shepherd (9 min)
Session 2: Reaching Out to the Marginalized (11 min)
Session 3: Recognizing that Everything Has Its Season (10 min)
Session 4: Discovering a Land Overflowing with Honey (10 min)
Session 5: Experiencing God's Tender Care (8 min)
Session 6: Finding Ourselves in God (11 min)

About this product

This kit includes:

  • 1 6-session DVD (not sold separately)
  • 1 128-page Scouting the Divine workbook
  • 1 224 page Scouting the Divine book
  • Downloadable audio interviews with the shepherdess, farmer, and vintner
  • Downloadable poster
  • Downloadable leader's guide
  • DVD ISBN: 978-1415866986
  • Workbook ISBN: 978-1415868355
  • Book ISBN: 978-0310291220
  • Released January 2010
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