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The Sacred Echo

The Sacred Echo: Hearing God's Voice in Every Area of Your Life 6-Session Bible Study 

No. of Sessions: 6

Teaching Time: 15-20 minutes

Filming Location: The Rocky Mountains of Colorado

Fun Features: Deeper Walk Reflections

Homework: 5-10 minutes per session

What You'll Need: 1 DVD Kit per group; each participant should have their own workbook and book

Focus: God often says the same thing through a sermon, Scripture, a chance conversation, or an unexpected encounter. When we begin looking for these sacred echoes, we are better able to recognize God’s voice. Participants will begin to develop a more vibrant prayer life and recognize the repetitive nature of God’s voice in their lives.

Sample of Workbook: Check out the sample PDF lesson from The Sacred Echo Participant's Guide Workbookhere.

Sample of Book: Check out the sample PDF chapter from the The Sacred Echo Bookhere.

DVD Kit: $79.95 | Member Workbook: $6.99 | Trade Book: $10.99 | Book & Workbook Combination: $16.99

To order The Sacred Echo for your small group, book club, church library, or Sunday School, click here.  


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