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Scouting The Divine

Scouting the Divine: My Search for God in Wine, Wool, and Wild Honey 6-Session Bible Study 

No. of Sessions: 6

Teaching Time: 8-11 minutes

Filming Location: Fields, farms, and vineyards

Fun Features: Experiential Activities, Fun Outing Suggestions, Scripture Memory, Notable, Quotable, Bonus Activities, and more

Homework: 1-1.5 hours per week for each session

What You'll Need: 1 DVD Kit per group; each participant should have their own workbook and book

Focus: Inviting groups to dive deeper into the Scripture by exploring the agrarian themes of Scripture. Participants will find the Bible coming alive as they learn about Scripture through the eyes of a shepherd, a farmer, a beekeeper, and a vintner.

Sample of Workbook: Check out the sample PDF lesson from the Scouting the Divine Participant's Guide Workbookhere.

Sample of Book: Check out the sample PDF chapter from the Scouting the Divine Bookhere.

DVD Kit: $79.95 | Member Workbook: $9.95 | Trade Book: $10.99 | Book & Workbook Combination: $18.99

To order Scouting the Divine for your small group, book club, church library, or Sunday School, click here.  


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