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Finding Rest in a Busy World: Women of Faith Study Guide

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Opportunities in life abound, but if left unchecked our busy schedules can quickly consume us. Doing too much will strip our gears and empty our tanks. As we run hard and fast on the treadmill of life, we will find our souls growing weary, our bodies growing weak, and our spirits running dry.

In this discussion guide designed for seekers and brand-new believers, readers will discover that this isn’t God’s plan for our lives.

Written by Margaret Feinberg with a foreword by Patsy Clairmont, this re-released, re-packaged Women of Faith study offers gentle encouragement and hope for those beginning to ask spiritual questions. 

Finding Rest in a Busy World will help you will discover what the Bible has to say about the importance and value of rest. You will learn ways to recognize if your schedule has gotten out of control and how you can pump the brakes to restore healthy boundaries in your life. Even more, you will discover how God promises you can rest in who He is, what He’s done for you, and what He will do for you.

The Women of Faith® Bible Studies provide intriguing insights into topics that are relevant to women’s lives today. Each guide includes twelve weeks of study, down-to-earth illustrations, and reflections to help you move the truth from your head to your heart. A leader’s guide for use with small groups is also included.

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