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Pursuing God's Love: Stories from the Book of Genesis Workbook with DVD

$17.97 $36.98


$17.97 $36.98

God has been telling our love story since the foundation of the world. God is all-powerful, all-knowing, and abounding in imagination, creativity, mystery, and wisdom. And even when we question God's love or act in disobedience, God pursues us. 

The stories found in the book of Genesis remind us of God’s pursuit of his children. From Noah to Sarah and Rebekah to Joseph, God’s boundless love radiates off the pages. The six sessions and five night’s homework each week will help you:

  • Discover God’s passionate pursuit of you
  • Learn how to heal and restore broken relationships
  • Find encouragement, hope, and freedom
  • Receive God’s love as alive and present in your life
  • Renew your love of Scripture by studying the entire Book of Genesis

Great for individual and group studies, join me on an adventure of faith as we explore the unflinching love of our creator.

View the video trailer for the Pursuing God's Love Bible Study:


Session 1: God Rising (18 min)
Session 2: Call on the Name of the Lord (14 min)
Session 3: The Pursuit, the Promise, and the Provision (14 min)
Session 4: When Love Goes Right and When Love Goes Wrong (20 min)
Session 5: It's Not About You (20 min)
Session 6: Finding God among Prisons and Palaces (18 min)

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