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Promises of Joy: An Adult Coloring Book

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May the Joy of the Lord Fill Your Heart as You Color and Create!

God wants our joy to be full! He reminds us of this again and again, and yet we constantly let the cares of the world steal it from us. In this beautifully designed coloring book, Margaret Feinberg shares powerful verses from God's Word that teach how to relinquish our past regrets, current troubles, and future worries. What could be better than coloring and meditating on these encouraging Scriptures?

Coloring books are a great way to express creativity, and Margaret Feinberg is ready to introduce readers to what's next in the category. In addition to the book's beautiful, intricate artwork and thoughtful Scriptures, she's added a new feature readers have been asking for. The new perforated pages make it easy to remove and display artwork or share with a friend.

Gather your markers or pencils, put aside your troubles, and let God fill your heart with peace and hope!
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