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The Organic God 6-Session DVD Bible Study Kit

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Do you long for a genuine encounter with God? You’re not alone. Whether we realize it or not, most of us hunger for an organic relationship with God—one stripped of all the pollutants, additives, and distractions of this world. We want to know God as He really is.

Through six-sessions and weekly homework of 20 minutes or less, let’s dive into Scripture to explore breathtaking glimpses of God’s character—His big-heartedness, kindness, beauty, mystery, and more—in order to reignite your passion for God.

Through The Organic God 6-Session DVD Bible Study, you’re invited to:

  • Recognize God’s presence in your daily life
  • Renew your passion for Scripture
  • Discover healing from being hurt by the church
  • Take a close look at hidden attributes of God

Join me kayaking and climbing glaciers in Alaska as we fall in love with God all over again. For an added bonus, pick up the Organic God Book and Workbook Combination Special to dive even deeper into 10 facets of God’s character.

The Organic God 6-Session DVD Bible Study Kit includes: 

View the video trailer for The Organic God Bible Study filmed in Alaska:

Session 1: An Organic Appetite (13 min)
Session 2: Bighearted (11 min)
Session 3: Amazingly Wise (14 min)
Session 4: Wildly Infallible (15 min)
Session 5: Abundantly Kind (11 min)
Session 6: Deeply Mysterious (9 min)

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About this product:

  • 1 56-page workbook
  • 1 84-page leader's guide
  • 1 224-page book
  • 3 6-session DVD
  • Workbook ISBN: 978-1572751088
  • Leader's Guide ISBN: 978-152751095
  • Book ISBN: 978-0310329862
  • Released January 2008
  • Updated January 2014
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